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Tooth loss is widespread among adults, especially as we age. Rather than living with the discomfort and hassles of dentures, you can enjoy a more natural alternative by choosing dental implants provided by G4 By Golpa Virginia. Dental implants can replace one or more missing or damaged teeth with a permanent solution that leaves your smile looking natural and allows you to eat the foods you love again – in as little as one day. 

So why wait any longer to regain your smile and self-confidence?
The Benefits of

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a valuable alternative to an uncomfortable prosthesis like dentures. The implants themselves are small screws produced from titanium that serve a purpose similar to the roots of natural teeth. They are fused to the jawbone and support prosthesis and dental bridges, helping them perform as our natural teeth would. Once the implants are put in place, you’ll be able to replace anything from a missing tooth to a whole set of teeth. Given the numerous benefits and aesthetic qualities Dental Implants offer, they have become the preferred method of tooth replacement today.


Dental Implants look and function like natural teeth.

Dental Implant treatment is much more than a simple cosmetic solution. The implant itself (the invisible screw-like structure below the gum line) provides the foundation or support for a dental crown that sits on top of the implant and is the visible portion of the tooth.

The implant replaces the root structure (i.e., support) for the tooth, providing a stable base and preventing the prosthesis from sliding or moving like dentures.

Once placed, replacement teeth are difficult to distinguish from your natural teeth. Dr. Golpa, our doctor, will adapt the color, shape, and contour of the new teeth to match your natural teeth. In effect, you'll feel like you have your smile back.


Dental Implants prevent bone loss and maintain your youthful appearance.

Every day you wear dentures or have missing teeth, you experience bone loss where the bone literally breaks down, and the material is reabsorbed back into the body (called “Bone resorption”). Significant bone loss can shrink the contours of the jawbone, causing wrinkled lips and a sunken mouth and chin, making you look much older than you have to. Maintaining your natural bone is one of the most important advantages of dental implants. Dental implants can help counteract that by preventing resorption of the jawbone, stimulating bone growth, and stopping bone loss almost entirely.


Dental implants enable you to eat and enjoy foods you love again.

Wearing an upper denture prevents you from really tasting food because the roof of your mouth is covered. With dental implants, it’s unnecessary to cover the roof of the mouth, so you can truly enjoy the taste of your favorite foods again. Further, since the implant replaces the entire tooth and the tooth root, it functions more like your natural teeth, with a strong, stable foundation that allows comfortable biting and chewing. Fresh vegetables, corn, fruits, and even steak are back on the menu.


Dental Implants can last a lifetime.

The implant screw itself won’t decay and is designed to last for the rest of your life, assuming you receive regular dental check-ups every 6 months. While the exact material used will affect the overall life expectancy of crowns (the piece that sits atop the implant), patients can often enjoy them for a lifetime.
The Basics of

Dental Implants

Each dental implant has three parts:

1. Implant:
A screw that acts as an artificial root for your new teeth. This appliance permanently fuses to your jaw, giving the tooth its stability.
2. Abutment:
The small metal object, usually made of titanium or zirconia, that serves as a base for the crown and acts as the connection between the implant that supports and holds a tooth or set of teeth.
3. Crown:
The realistic-looking artificial tooth. The crown is placed once your jawbone from the implant placement and is strong enough to support the use of the new tooth. It’s usually made of zirconium or porcelain.
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Dr. Mike Golpa

Dr. Mike Golpa is at the forefront of implant dentistry, revolutionizing the field with his G4 Implant Solution. His dedicated approach, combined with unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology, ensures a swift, 24-hour transformation of your smile. With a proven track record of over 15,000 successful procedures, Dr. Golpa and his team guarantee not just impeccable results but a comfortable, cost-effective experience.

If a permanent, life-changing solution to dental woes is what you seek, making an appointment with Dr. Golpa is the first step towards regaining your smile and confidence.

Dr. Golpa is considered the top All-on-4 Dentist in the World by his peers.

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The Revolutionary G4 High-Class Process

Day 1: Consultation
Day 2: Surgery
Day 3: Delivery
The G4 High-Class process for dental implant procedures is an innovative approach that minimizes the time patients spend without teeth, streamlining the process to just three days, as compared to traditional methods, which can take months, and reducing the number of visits to the clinic
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I would give 10 stars if I could. I went in not sure how they could help me, Dr. Golpa and the staff were absolutely amazing. I was quickly scheduled for my procedure, went in with a terrible smile and left with a gorgeous one. One day … it was amazing!"
-Karen F.

G4 High-Class® Restoration Options

The G4 by Golpa offers 2 dental hybrid bridges, each designed to cater to the distinct needs and preferences of patients seeking dental implant solutions:
G4 High-Class PMMA/Titanium:
A durable and reliable choice. Its High Translucent PMMA composition is known for being strong, dense, and tissue-friendly, ensuring your implant not only looks natural but stands the test of time. The integral titanium bar reinforces the bridge, making your restoration permanent and granting you the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods without worry. 
Removable Full Arch Replacement
A light yet robust choice for dental restoration. With Nano-Ceramic bridges being 60% lighter than traditional options, they offer an incredibly comfortable and natural feel. The Trilor framework flexes under stress, mimicking the flexibility of natural teeth and ensuring a lesser strain on your implants. Besides durability, this solution boasts shock-absorbing qualities and resistance to stains, keeping your smile bright and resilient.
Affordable Financing
Full Arch starting as low as


*dependent upon credit score and total amount of treatment.
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* Monthly payments quoted above are for well-qualified patients. We offer many payment plans and options that make implants quite affordable at low monthly rates. If your credit score is average or even slightly below, we can help you apply online with a third-party financing company, and you’ll receive an instant decision in most cases. This pre-qualifying approach is a “soft” credit check. If you don’t qualify, some patients tap a friend, family member, or spouse to co-sign with them for financing. Other alternative options may also be available to you. ° We work with the following financial institutions: ProceedFinance, CareCredit, PatientFi, Ally.
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